News - Updated December 3rd 2014


Dear ISO Member.

Thank you for many years of faithful participation in the International Shopfitting Organisation.

But times are changing, and the last ISO General Assembly in Holland in April (see minutes on the web-site), and the MC, Management Committee Meeting in Copenhagen in October has led to the dissolution of ISO after 58 years in the service of the Global retail environments industry.

The regretful decision was made as no successors to the present Secretariat and administration has been found, notwithstanding the last couple of years’ active search, why the ISO Statutes’ rules of dissolution shall be followed. The Secretariat will assist European individual members to join a new, international office with the SDEA, Shop and Display Equipment Association, UK, and suggest non-European members to find other ways of keeping contact with the market, e.g. via membership of our US partner association, A.R.E.

The ISO Secretariat has been appointed by the MC to assist in 2015, bringing together former ISO members with SDEA, and to suggest National Retail Environments/Shopfitting associations to consider cooperation and informal partnership with the SDEA, without any mutual financial obligations.

The ISO e-mail address and web-site will be transferred to the SDEA office from January 1, 2015, after being updated with the latest news, minutes of the last MC Meeting, audited 2014 account, and budgets for the last period of activities. The present e-mail address and web-site of SDEA are, and Any services or contact required next year with the previous ISO Secretariat, use

When the transfer period is over, and all ISO’s financial obligations are settled, the remaining assets are in compliance with the statues, donated to Medicins sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders. The actual payment takes place by the end of 2015, and is to be approved and signed by ISO’s elected auditor.

On behalf of the MC and Secretariat, we thank all loyal members for their participation in the past years, and look forward to assisting you with a smooth change in your international business and contacts. You will soon hear more direct from SDEA, please give them a well-deserved and positive welcome.

At your service, with hearty thanks for good times past, and greetings,
Anna and Preben Bailey

PS: Present European individual ISO members will soon receive an invitation to the new international SDEA membership at the “usual” ISO annual fee of 400 € for 2015. NO more fees will be invoiced by ISO. We wish you all the best of luck in the future. PB

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