ISO Congress China: May 30th - June 6, 2010

ISO Congress 2010, and World Expo, China.

45 happy ISO members, and a good number of professionals and expatriates of the local Industry, participated in the successful 2010 ISO Congress and China study tour in Ningbo, and Shanghai during the great World Expo.
The Secretariat was in a particularly fortunate position to organize an optimal tour, as they were relocated to Ningbo (near Shanghai) in China on a two year assignment in shopfitting, 2009-2010. It is a pleasure to confirm, that all participants went home with more knowledge, better Global business comprehension, and some great new and surprising experiences, they would not have missed.

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- Advertisement (pdf)
- Detail tour program (pdf)
- Tour report by Winfried Lambertz, Stores+Shops (pdf) 
- Pictures
- Minutes of the ISO General Assembly June 5, 2011 (pdf)
- Economic reviews, shopfitting business in the member countries
- Sourcing in China, by Winfried Lambertz, Stores+Shops (pdf)

Any questions about the tour and China business or special requests in connection with the visit to the Czech Republic, please contact the Secretariat, now back in Sweden:
Tel: +46 4653 202, fax: +46 4653 229, mobile +45 4050 4940, e-mail:

Anna and Preben Bailey