Book your own booth unit NOW!
A repeat success at the coming EuroShop, Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2011.

Euroshop is the meeting point of the World’s shopfitting and retail industry, every three years.
ISO is the meeting point of the Euroshop.

ISO offers members low cost and high benefits:

  1.  Visit and use the ISO Meeting Point Lounge facilities with more than 100 seats on member terms. Meet your colleagues and clients, and benefit from the Secretariat services.
  2. Be an exhibitor at low cost and with a minimum of trouble! Book a 9 m2 unit at the ISO Meeting Point, show your products and get promoted in the catalogue and Web-site.
    Price 5000 Euro all incl. (excl. German VAT). BOOK NOW!
    Reduction for more than one unit, first bookings gets first choice of location.
  3. Invite your clients with ISO admission vouchers at no - or less than half - cost!
    Normal day ticket entrance is € 50, by online pre-booking €35 + postage, but with ISO vouchers it’s less than half, and only for those that are used, why the ISO invitations represent a rare opportunity to promote your company and offer your clients great value!

To book your own 9 m2 module please fill out the booking form F online and submit it HERE. As an alternative you can download the form in pdf format here.

You will receive the invoice from EPD (Export Promotion Denmark) which will invoice with German VAT, with an option for you to apply for refund from the German Tax Authorities afterwards (Invoicing and payment goes via EPD because ISO has no German VAT registration).

The 9 m2 module includes:

  1. Your own exclusive area with 2 or3 white walls, basic spotlighting, floor cover.
  2. Free use of all the ISO lounge facilities, and services such as: Information counter/messages (you can minimize your staff requirements). Coffee, Tea, Drinks served at shared cost price to members, kitchen, refrigerator, limited storeroom available. This allows you to use your own booth 100% for product presentation!
  3. Use of the 200 m2 ISO Meeting Points 25 tables w/100 chairs based on 10 co-exhibitor modules. If we reach or exceed 14 co-exhibitors as in 2008 the total booth size will be extended to between 3-400 m2! And more than half of the total space is for common use.
  4. Promotional activities such as Stores+Shops and other press coverage. Joint Invitations sent out via ISO’s member organisations to more than 2000 individual companies and clients!
    ISO MC Meeting, ISO “Best in Show Award” competition which in 2008 attracted more than 92 competitors and a full house champagne award ceremony Sunday evening!

Your cost of participation as ISO member, all included, is less than if you hire the minimum available Euroshop booth size (12 m2), and you benefit from better location , near the main transit aisle in Hall 10, more traffic, a ready stand, considerably lower cost, and higher service.
Still in doubt? Please e-mail the ISO Secretariat with any further questions you may have.

We look forward to your registration as soon as possible.
Best regards,

Preben Bailey
Secretary General
ISO, International Shopfitting. Organisation

(Please e-mail, if we need to talk, e-mail first to, as we are still operating from China most of the time until the end of 2010. PB)