News2biz Latvia Report 29.10.12.

News2biz is a professional business information service in all of the Baltic Countries, associated in the Bonnier Group with the 2 biggest business newspapers “Borsen” and “Dagens Industri” in Denmark and Sweden.

The local representative in RIGA, Didzis, brought the day’s newspaper to the ISO Group, and interviewed the present ISO participants from BAC Metal, the ISO Secretariat, and Retail Baltic.
Please find the result in the following issue of news2biz – Latvia (pdf):

Pg. 1-2: Jakob Hauptmann of BAC Metal, Latvia.
Pg. 3-5: Preben Bailey of the ISO Secretariat.
Pg. 5: Zülfükar Tosun of Retail Baltic, Latvia.
Pg. 6-8: Key figures of Latvia.

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